Scott Reeves

Associate Principal

Scott loves the great outdoors. He is a mountaineer, a surfer and a triathlete, and pays as much attention to details as he pays to his health. Amongst the chaos that is everyone else’s work space in the office, Scott’s pens are all in one place and strategically organized (by line weight). Then there’s the hair product situation, but let’s not go there. Though he has his quirky side, he is also the one who established the general standards in the office. Shortly after he joined SSA, he helped put into place the first AutoCAD standards. Scott is the proud father of a daughter, and he and his wife chose “Muir” for her middle name after John Muir and their love of the Sierras. in 2017, Auden Mae joined the family.

Scott joined SSA in 2002 and has grown professionally within our firm to become an Associate Principal and a strong leader. He heads our San Francisco branch office where his primary focus is on the design of public projects. His ability to work with a wide variety of people has been well received by subconsultants, clients, and contractors. He is also conscientious about project quality, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget. Scott’s knowledge and understanding of construction has assisted him in creating construction documents that are easily understood by clients and contractors. Scott has a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Davis. He is a licensed Landscape Architect.


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