Pasatiempo Water Tank - Grand Opening!

November 15, 2017:  The Pasatiempo Water Tank is finally finished!

The world-renowned Pasatiempo Golf course, designed by the legendary golf course architect Alister Mackenzie, finally has access to the water it so desperately needs after the grand opening of its new water storage facility. A feat of engineering, politics, negotiations and regulatory approvals, it is a perfect example of a smart, innovative design solution in the face of the California drought and future water restrictions. The project consists of a new 1500-foot deep well; filter building with dual 300 GPM Amiad Filters to treat secondary water to a tertiary level for use in irrigation; 500,000-gallon cast-in-place concrete water tank partially buried into the landscape; a state of the art pump house with four 50 HP pumps that can blend potable, tertiary treated water and well water for irrigation of the entire course; a new all gender restroom building; and drought tolerant landscaping including native species grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. The control system is state of the art, and allows the Golf Course Superintendent to manage and monitor every aspect of the system - from flow rates coming into the site, to what blend of water types is being applied on the golf course - all from his office computer or laptop on site.

Up until today, the sole water source for the Pasatiempo Golf Course was the City of Santa Cruz Water Department. After nearly a decade of drought, continued cutbacks on water allowances, and drastic increases in water rates from the City, Pasatiempo knew they needed to do something. After redesigning the course to minimize fairways and create more native grass roughs, it became apparent that redesign of the irrigation system would be more efficient. While all of this was going on, Pasatiempo Golf Club Manager Scott Hoyt began negotiations with the Scotts Valley Water District to receive treated water from the treatment plant that is 2.5 miles from the golf course. Secondary treated water runs along a line from the treatment plant to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, where it dumps nearly a million gallons every day. This line passes right along the edge of the Golf Course on Sims Road between Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz. After six years of coordination and negotiations with State water regulators and County and City officials, agreements were finally drafted that allow Pasatiempo to take the water that normally flows to the ocean and treat it on site for irrigation.


SSA led the design team for this complex project, leading and managing 10 subconsultants including; archaeologist, biologist, architect, geologist and geotechnical, civil, mechanical, electrical, structural and acoustical engineers, producing and leading the construction document process, and guiding all the numerous plan sets through the complicated permitting process locally and at the State level. As Landscape Architects, SSA is proud to lead design teams on projects that result in sustainable, ecologically sound design; and this project is a perfect demonstration of those values. The Pasatiempo Water Project is the first of its kind in California and is a great reminder that design is about problem solving, and when executed collaboratively and with the spirit of innovation, can make a huge impact on the success of even the most challenging projects.