Steve Sutherland Participates in Succulent Extravaganza

Principal, Steve Sutherland, was invited to participate in the Succulent Extravaganza held at Succulent Gardens Nursery in Castroville. Steve designed a "Succulent Wave" for the event and was interviewed by Debra Lee Baldwin, award winning photojournalist, author, and writer for Sunset Magazine. To hear their interview, please click on this link: Succulent Wave

The design is an abstract or impressionist vision of a breaking wave, with foaming peaks and kelp being pulled up into the wave. The planting consists of soil reinforced with wire and mesh to support the past vertical peak of the wave, as if it is starting to form a tube. The plants used are as follows:

The large bubbly looking succulents are Cotyledon orbiculata

The small white foam at the crest of the wave is Sedum spathulifolium

The vertical face of the wave is Senecio Manralas

The base and top of the wave is a blend of Echeveria agavoidies, light green, the red Echeveria are Martin's Hybrid

In the back of the wave is a mix of Echeveria agavoidies as listed above with Senecio serpens

There are more than 2400 plants in this demonstration garden including:

1340  Pots

822  Pots

76  Gallon Plants

116 2 Gallon Pots

110 Pots

Succulent Wave