Two More Green School Yards for San Francisco Unified Schools

For the communities at Gordon Lau and Redding Elementary Schools in San Francisco, the design of new Green Schoolyards is well underway!

Two workshops with each school have already been conducted where we were able to collect valuable feedback that will go into the final stages of design refinement.  Both projects are on the fast-track and we are excited with how they are coming together.  Redding Elementary School has construction scheduled for summer of 2018, and Gordon Lau Elementary School, in the heart of China Town, is slated for summer of 2019.


These projects are being funded by the SFUSD Bond Program which allows the communities of each school the freedom to design a usable green space to meet their unique goals and objectives.  SFUSD recognizes that community participation is an important aspect of the Green Schoolyard Program and encourages parents, students, teachers, and administrators to participate in the design process whereby they are able to communicate their ideas and contribute to the project to ensure its success.

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with the amazing communities at both of these schools and to continue our relationship with the San Francisco Unified School District.

For more information on the SFUSD Green Schoolyard Program, including program stats, we invite you to visit their website !