Boulder Creek Wildlife Garden

In the design concept above, boulders are arranged to appear as though the entire garden is part of a natural rock outcropping. The low seatwall defines the edge of the garden while providing comfortable seating. The patio is a mixture of native-exposed, golden, sandy soil for birds to scratch in and Saltillo Mexican tiles for people to gather and dine on. The pond is designed as a focal point in the garden and as a large bird bath with shallow, gently sloping edges to encourage birds to bathe and splash.

The pond includes a pump to recirculate the water through the hand-hammered copper fountainhead and a hidden biological filter. Planted with a wide variety of water plants and home to Koi, goldfish and snails, the pond contributes greatly to the success of this residential wildlife sanctuary.

The garden walls were designed to provide seating opportunities for enjoying the view, in addition to serving as the edge for the garden from a fire buffer zone on the other side. An opening in the wall was created where quail historically entered  to continue to allow quail, squirrels, and chipmunks access into the garden.


Press / Awards

Western Garden Design Award
Sunset Magazine