Braly Park Recently Completes Renovation

Braly Park, located in Sunnyvale, California, has recently undergone a full renovation. The existing playground was originally built in 1968 with a Japanese theme, including custom wood and concrete features. Over time, the playground had become dilapidated, out-of-date and in need of extensive renovation. The wood structures were beginning to rot and give children splinters and did not meet the CPSC Safety Guidelines; none of the play features were ADA accessible.

The community needed a new, safe playground where children and families could have fun while providing physical, mental and social stimulation through imaginative and physical play. The goal was to provide a playground that would become the hub of socialization and play for families in surrounding neighborhoods, all while providing a new playground design in the park that would honor the original Japanese theme.

The new playground has significantly improved play value with the addition of creative equipment and gaming opportunities throughout. It has improved safety with top-of-the-line equipment meeting current safety standards. During a recent site visit, we observed multigenerational play between grandparents and children. We watched children participating in team activities together and observed a group of teenagers with developmental disabilities from Hope Services enjoying the ADA bucket chair swing, music pieces and slides. We saw parents and grandparents gathered around the music boat, playing with their children while having snack time and socializing. We can confidently say that this new playground has made a significant, positive impact on the community and the people who use it.