CSU Monterey Bay Traffic Roundabouts

California State University at Monterey Bay is located on an old military fort site. Since opening its doors, the university has been challenged with updating the military site and reconfiguring elements to fit the needs of a university campus. Most recently, several roadway intersections were identified for potential upgrades and installation of traffic roundabouts to improve safety and adequately serve the growing campus. The project goals were to upgrade the vehicular circulation patterns while being mindful of adjacent property owners, mature oak trees, and stormwater runoff. Vegetative Bioswales were incorporated to clean pavement run-off. Post-construction hillside erosion control was achieved through the incorporation of California native species and wildflower hydroseed that complement the native California Oak Woodland community.

As a subconsultant to Mesiti Miller Engineering, SSA provided design services, construction documentation, cost estimating and construction observation for the planting and irrigation elements of the project. Coordination with civil, traffic and electrical engineers was key throughout the project. 

This project received the APWA 2017 Project of the Year Award of Merit.