Jose Higuera Adobe Park - Milpitas

For this historic site in Milpitas, SSA developed design solutions for the park renovation that reflect the historic and natural environment of the park. Through the design of pathways and picnic areas, the selection of site amenities, and the careful preservation of heritage olive and walnut trees, the park history is celebrated. Sustainable components designed for the site include the use of permeable paving, including interlocking pavers, permeable concrete, and decomposed granite paved picnic areas. 

A native and Mediterranean plant palette, and low flow irrigation was installed, eliminating water-waste. Stormwater management techniques include bioswales, some that directed water flow away from the sensitive native oaks. The site included a grove of historic heritage olive trees that are over 100 years old. Careful design and documentation around these trees, with an arborist consultant oversight, will allow them to survive and thrive. These and other mature trees provided opportunity for shading in this warm climate.