Seagate Technology

Since 1994, SSA has provided Seagate with the highest quality landscape auditing, maintenance specifications and recommendations, and site design and construction administration services. SSA has been a consistent presence on the Seagate campus, completing comprehensive semi-annual landscape audits and monthly detailed reports for Seagate and the maintenance contractor. These audits have aided SSA in providing Seagate with design recommendations that have improved the overall quality of the campus and have kept the existing landscape in exceptional condition. One audit helped to identify building entries on campus that SSA recommended be redesigned in order to promote a welcoming and professional atmosphere to clients and visitors.  An additional recommendation was directed at improving the quality of employee lunch hours by re-designing a large central dining patio area.

SSA has also completed renovation designs for Seagate to remove impervious asphalt and replace with permeable pavers for a more responsible stormwater treatment method, as well as providing beneficial ground aeration for a grove of mature, native oak trees. SSA designed landscape renovations to include the removal of water-thirsty turf grass and replace with water-saving and low maintenance plantings, including the installation of porous, structural soil to ensure the healthy success of native redwoods and oaks, as well as a total irrigation transformation from domestic water to recycled water. Whether the task is large or small, SSA has always successfully assisted and will continue to provide Seagate with an environmentally-conscious and long-lasting landscape.