Silicon Valley Corporate Campus

SSA was selected through a design competition to renovate this corporate campus in Silicon Valley. The project site included a 40,000 square foot courtyard, a rooftop patio, two interior atrium plazas, and an employee parking lot. The entire project is designed to achieve a LEEDS silver rating.



The main goal of the large courtyard was to create a sense of place for employees using dynamic geometry and bold arcs. Another design goal was to create a backdrop for the courtyard through a series of decorative teak panels flanked by a palette of uniquely contemporary plant material. Incorporated throughout the design was a variety of seating opportunities, including dining tables and chairs, custom teak benches, concrete seat walls, and intimate lounge seating areas. The courtyard design also included two welcoming pedestrian entries, a grassy knoll used to preserve two large existing site trees, a large bioswale to sustainably manage stormwater, and new deciduous trees to add splashes of fall color. The project's end result was a clean, modern courtyard where employees can dine, work, and relax in the outdoors.



Also included in SSA's scope of work was to re-design two existing interior building atriums. Using the palette, textures, and shapes established in the main courtyard, each atrium became a unique space where seating was maximized. The atriums were re-invented as versatile spaces where employees could socialize, meet privately or simply enjoy the outdoors without leaving their building.


Custom radial teak benches frame a circular patio and a large specimen tree sits in a raised planter, adding a splash of color to brighten the central outdoor space. 


Atrium 2, set on a square grid, is based on the layout of the building's floor plan. Planting and paving ribbons echo the office patterns and become an extension of the interior.


An important goal for this client was to renovate an existing building rooftop patio into an accessible space for business meetings. The client's priorities in this area were flexibility of space and privacy. SSA designed the area so that it could be used for a variety of seating configurations and group sizes with both stationary and movable furniture, with planter pots functioning as screening elements. Paving patterns were introduced to help create the outdoor room's sense of privacy during meetings.


SSA developed the planting and irrigation design for a completely renovated parking lot comprised of 1,248 parking stalls. This project also included two large bioswales to sustainably manage stormwater.



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