The Garden Alameda Office Complex

SSA was selected by Boccardo Management Group to redesign their large office complex. Boccardo wanted to update their dated campus with new plantings, hardscape, pedestrian bridges, signage, lighting, and furnishings. SSA developed creative and usable spaces, all while taking great care in conserving the many mature trees on site and complementing the existing water features that ran through the site. The existing heavy, dark pedestrian bridges were all rebuilt to display a modern, lighter feel with cable railings throughout the entire complex. SSA also worked hard to develop a series of attractive and easy-to-understand directory and wayfinding signage throughout the site. All building entrances on site also received a special face lift with new tile, decorative architectural paneling, and furnishings, so the once, hard to find entrances became prominent and obvious. The plant material that SSA selected was a far cry from the dated plantings that existed before. Now, the complex is full of fresh plantings that mix many textures and colors to create a beautiful plant palette year-round.

SSA was responsible for obtaining all planning, building, and tree removal permits through the City of San Jose.