University Avenue Office Complex

SSA was hired to update this property's dated landscape. We designed a new, fresh landscape that played off the existing office building's Mediterranean attributes, while still using the modern flare that the client desired. Concrete bands were designed to run between the four buildings, playing off the complex's linear form, while stone paving indicated the arrival of each of the three courtyards and building entrances. Stone-clad seatwalls were placed at all the concrete bands to reinforce the linear design. Potted plants were placed atop each seatwall for a touch of modern, fun color, providing a vertical element throughout the three courtyards. SSA also created a series of signage designs for directory and monument purposes in the same style as the seatwalls and colored pots.  An extensive drainage system was also developed for this project, as flooding has been a frequent problem.

SSA was responsible for obtaining all planning, building, and tree removal permits through the Town of Los Gatos.