Wyandotte Park - Mountain View

Wyandotte Park is located on an approximately 1-acre lot in the Rengstorff/Old Middlefield area. The parcel is located within a residential neighborhood, bordering an area of low impact commercial use. 

The site had several existing mature trees that were evaluated by an arborist, and those determined to be healthy were considered in the three park design alternatives presented to the community. Through the community outreach process, the three alternative designs were presented, and the community had the opportunity to provide feedback. By an overwhelming margin the park design that included open space and walking trails with boulders and logs, located within the existing tree groves, was selected by the community. A stone landscape feature with water is included near the entrance to the park adding to the natural elements of the park. 

Green infrastructure elements include tiered planting systems, and additional tree planting to achieve improved carbon sequestration and heat island effect reduction. The City of Mountain View’s goals will benefit with the design of this park, including stormwater bioswales, low water use planting and low-flow irrigation system with smart controllers that use ET data. The park opened in late 2020.  Visit Wyandotte Park!