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Steve Sutherland


Steve’s unique path of work experience has provided him with a foundation of knowledge that is far more diverse than most Landscape Architects. Steve has come a long way since managing a wholesale nursery back in 1973. After studying horticulture in college and acquiring his Landscape Contractor license, he met Karen who encouraged him to return to school to follow his passions. Steve pursued a certificate in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley before founding SSA in 1989. He has been a licensed Landscape Architect since 1986. Growing up in a family-run retail chain, Steve was instilled with the belief that client service is paramount. That is the foundation upon which SSA was built.

Steve’s biggest inspiration for pursuing a career in landscape architecture was, of course, the great John Muir, as well as the environmental movement of the 60s and 70s. Steve has a simple desire to improve the world we live in, starting with his own office. He strives every day to promote a family-feel and fun environment at SSA. Steve is known for his impeccable ability to misplace things, for instance, his glasses and keys. This happens on such a regular basis that some team members have taken to hiding his belongings in “unusual” places to toy with him. While he encourages fun and games in the office, Steve also accepts nothing less than the highest quality design work and client service. The SSA team was strategically assembled to help Steve achieve his own personal vision for SSA’s success. SSA has become a premier design firm, led by Steve’s mission to innovate and give back and help make the world a more beautiful place.




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